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Service Offerings

We offer extensive, world-class welding, heat-treating, machining, and surface engineering capabilities. Paired with reconditioning services to keep crankshafts in the field longer, quality certifications from over 12 international agencies, and the best engineers in the business, ELLWOOD Crankshaft Group provides unmatched value and peace of mind to our customers.

Our proven quality and service keep our crankshafts rotating at the heart of locomotive engines; driving marine propulsion and auxiliary power engines for craft from tug boats all the way to the largest ships; are trusted to dependably perform in the world’s harshest conditions in the oil and gas field; reliably and efficiently drive power generation units to meet the world’s energy needs; and push the limits of design, strength, and durability in today’s demanding mechanical press applications. We take pride in knowing that our product literally moves the world forward.

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