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RKB Bearing Industries

RKB in Brief:
The RKB Bearing Industries Group is the Swiss manufacturing organization that has been operating in the bearing industry since 1936, with a monthly production capacity exceeding 350 tons of machined steel.The experience gained over the years provides RKB with the know-how and expertise necessary for the development and manufacture of technological industrial bearings up to 1925 mm outer diameter.RKB offers reliable cost-effective solutions, with extreme operational flexibility, leading-edge service, huge stock availability, short delivery time and the typical quality of a consistent premium-class bearing source.With a worldwide distribution network and exports to more than 50 countries, RKB is globally recognized as "The Alternative Power" in the bearing industry.


RKB's production is primarily focused on three industrial product segments:

  • T1: miniature and small size precision ball bearings (up to 35 mm bore diameter);
  • T2: standardized rolling bearings (up to 1925 mm outer diameter);
  • T3: technological bearings and Application Optimized Bearings (AOB).

Technical Compliance:

Like the majority of the well-known bearing manufacturers, RKB chooses to strictly follow the standards defined by ISO for a reliable life calculation of rolling bearings.

All RKB's calculations of load rating capacities rigorously apply the regulations set by ISO 281:2007, ISO/TR 1281-1:2008, ISO/TR 1281-2:2008, and ISO 76:2006 in their latest revision. In fact, ISO method for rolling bearings is the sum of today's universally recognized, proved and standardized knowledge, development and information, that yield satisfactory results (appropriate and convenient substitute for testing).

This enables RKB to exploit bearing life potential with a proper safety index, to undertake controlled sizing and to take into duly consideration the complexity of theory with proved criterions on metal fatigue of rolling contact surfaces.

Evidences from R&D with a bottom-up approach are not considered to modify ISO method with the adoption of unilaterally revised empowered factors, formulas and tables.

(Its URL: https://www.rkbbearings.com )