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Company Profile

MQSons is proud to be exclusive successful representative for many OEMs in the world who are Prime sources in their respective fields of Locomotive products; since 1987. We get them business from Pakistan Railways for GE, GM, ALCO, Hitachi and Chinese Locomotives, Coaches and Wagons. Below is the list of our principles:

  • M/s. Fairbanks Morse Engine, USA. OEM for the ALCO Engine products in the world.
  • M/s. Ellwood National Crankshaft, USA. The only OEM for the Crankshafts in the world.
  • M/s. Mosebach Mfg. Co., USA. The OEM for GE, GM, Alco Dynamic Grid resistors.
  • M/s. BONATRANS a.s., Czech Republic. The Manufacturer of Railroad Wheels and Axles and Wheel Sets.
  • M/s. KONI, ITT, Netherlands. The OEM for Shock Absorbers for GE GM Hitachi Locos.
  • M/s. Hoerbiger KT (Global). The Manufacturer of Reciprocating Valves for the Locos.
  • M/s. SKF, Sweden/Pakistan (till July 2016). Well renowned name in the world for Bearings and affiliated products. Greases are also a proud product that has received remarkable response from Pakistan Railways.
  • M/s. SIIX, Singapore. They supply from Japanese OEMs for Hitachi Locos such as M/s. Toyo-Keiki Denki, Japan, M/s. Fuji, Japan and M/s. TOACK, Japan.
  • M/s. Rockbestos Superenant Cable Corp., USA. The OEM for Locomotive Wires and Cables.
  • M/s. RKB Bearing Industries, Switzerland. The Manufacturer of European standard bearings and related products. The latest addition to our business family.
  • M/s. Grueber Fredernwerke, Germany. The OEM for Coil Springs for Railway Locomotives.
  • M/s. HASLER Rail, Germany. The OEM for Current and Voltage Regulators and Transformers and related products.

Strengths in Pakistan Railways:

In order to work with a government organization smoothly, a firm needs to have solid resources inside the organization as well as an unprecedented record of performance without a black spot to earn a name of honor and respect within the organization and the contractors’ community. By the Grace of Almighty, MQSons’ track record as well as the name is both impeccable and inspirational.
We have:

  • Remarkable resources at Pakistan Railways to get our work done in time
  • Resources that provide us information firsthand even prior to official declaration/issuance, we receive a word; so we are able to do the needful within good time periods accordingly.
  • Our ways to reach a solution to seemingly impossible scenarios, and we have shown our capabilities on numerous occasions.
  • No compromise on Quality – which I believe to be our biggest strength.

Success Stories in Pakistan Railways:

Since we are working at Pakistan Railways for more than two decades now, so we ought to have a few success stories to share.

Recent HIGHLITED Achievements (as of 2017):

  • In January 2017 we achieved an Order for value U$ 827,369.7/- for our OEM M/s. Fairbanks Morse Engine, USA which is the biggest single value order in their business time at Pak Rail.
  • In October 2016, we have secured an order for Euro 924,048/- for SKF which is the single biggest inquiry in the history of SKF’s business at Pak Rail.
  • In 2016, we finally beat the Chinese manufacturer for ALCO Engine Crankshafts from our WORLDS Renowned OEM for Crankshafts, M/s. Ellwood National Crankshaft, USA.
  • In 2014, we received three orders worth more than U$ 600,000/- for our Principal /OEM M/s. Fairbanks Morse Engine, USA.
  • In 2009 we received an order for 54,000 Kgs LGMT-3 SKF Grease from Pakistan Railways, which till October 2016, was the single largest order for grease in the history of SKF’s business at Pakistan railways.
  • In 2009 we won the order for 120 Nos. MOTOR SUSPENSION UNITS from Pakistan Railways, which in itself marked an achievement of a feat that served the hard work of both MQSons and SKF. Where MQSons worked on it from scratch… Prepared drawings by purchasing an actual Suspension Unit from PR and preparing a sketch of it on real scale. And then working with SKF to arrange production for this whole unit for Pakistan Railways and then participating the item and finally winning and supplying a 120 Nos. of the whole units.
  • We are consistently and successfully supplying Crankshafts to PR from our Principal/OEM M/s. ENC, USA.
  • The biggest achievement we feel we have been honored with is the satisfaction of our Principals/OEMs with our performance and efforts. It is the mutual bond of trust and transparency of our efforts that our Principals/OEMs are not just our business partners but we both value the relationship as a bond of friendship that is nurtured with trust, care and honesty from both ends. We hope the bonds never end!

Our Motto

No Compromise on Quality